$60,000 a Year is How Much an Hour? A Simple Breakdown

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Let’s face it, making a good salary is important for living a comfortable lifestyle and providing for your family’s basic (and not so basic) needs.   

But what is considered a good salary?  How do you know if you are making a good salary?  How does your salary compare to the average salary for where you live?  

These are all questions you may be thinking at certain times throughout the year.  

These questions may cross your mind when your yearly performance review is coming up, when you are looking for a new job, or when you are sitting down to create your monthly budget.

And it’s completely normal to wonder if your salary is up to par.  Today I am going to take a deep dive into a specific salary amount to break it down for you. I am going to answer the question, “$60,000 a year is how much an hour?”

You can use this as a resource to help you break down other salary amounts.  For example, maybe you are wondering how much $50,000 a year is per hour, month, or week.

Or maybe you are wondering what $70,000 a year is after taxes per hour, month, or week.  

Whatever your salary is, just plug it in wherever I use $60,000 and get your calculator to help figure out your personalized numbers.

Okay, let’s get started!

5 Simple Living Tips for 60K a Year

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$60000 a Year is How Much an Hour?

I am going to base the hourly rate on working 40 hour weeks, 52 weeks per year.  

There are 2,080 hours in a year (40 hours a week times 52 weeks per year).

$60,000 a year divided by 2,080 hours equals an hourly rate of $28.85.

60K a year is $28.85 per hour when working 40 hours per week every week of the year.

If you get paid a salary (as opposed to an hourly rate) and you want to see what you are getting paid per hour based on the number of hours you put in for the week, just replace the 40 hours with the number of hours you work.  

Let’s just say you have been putting in 50 hours a week and you get paid a $60,000 salary.

This means you would be putting in a total of 2,600 hours throughout the year (52 weeks times 50 hours per week).

So a salary of 60K working 2,600 hours total for the year would equal out to $23.08 per hour ($60,000 divided by 2,600).  

Now let’s just say you are a really efficient employee and can do your job in 35 hours per week.  This would mean your total working hours for the year is 1,820.

And a salary of 60K working that many hours a year would equal out to $32.97 per hour.  

So if you are getting paid a $60,000 salary, go ahead and plug in the number of hours you work to determine your hypothetical hourly rate.  

$60000 a Year is How Much an Hour after Taxes?

We determined that $60,000 a year is $28.85 per hour when working 40 hour work weeks.  Now you might be wondering what $60,000 a year is after taxes are taken out.

It gets a little more complicated now.  The amount that is deducted from your pay for taxes depends on where you live (for state and local taxes), the number of dependents you claim, and any additional amount you request to withhold for tax purposes.

But first, you have to figure out what your taxable income is.  Your taxable income is your income after all of your pretax deductions come out.

That is the number that is taxed.  Here are some examples of pretax deductions:

  • Employee sponsored retirement account contributions
  • Medical insurance premiums
  • Dependent Care Spending Account contributions
  • Dental Insurance premiums
  • Vision Insurance premiums
  • Health Savings Account contributions

Here is a pretty neat Salary Paycheck Calculator from adp.com.  You can enter your state, filing status, 401k, and HSA pretax contributions to get an estimate of what your after-tax income will be.  

Did you know there are 9 states that don’t have state income tax? These are:

  • Alaska
  • Florida
  • Nevada
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Washington
  • Wyoming
  • New Hampshire (doesn’t tax earned wages)

However, according to this article by Investopedia, that doesn’t mean these states are easier to live in when it comes to affordability.  For example, Alaska has a high cost of living mainly due to its remote location.  

In other words, you have to do your research and think about all the different factors that play a role in a location’s cost of living if you are looking for a more affordable place to live.  

How Much is $60,000 a Year Weekly (40 hours per week)?

Since $60,000 a year is $28.85 an hour, your weekly gross (before tax pay) for 40 hours a week will be $1,154.

Here is the math:  $28.85 x 40 = $1,154 

If you work 50 hour weeks:  $28.85 x 50 = $1,442.50

If you work part-time hours, say 25 hours per week, and make that pay rate: $28.85 x 25  = $721.25

How much is $60,000 a Year Weekly after Taxes

To figure out how much $60,000 a year is per week after taxes I used the calculator I told you about above.  

Here is an example of after-tax weekly pay for $60,000 a year in Arizona with no pretax deductions and filing as single:

Gross pay  $1,154

Federal      $155.41

FICA          $71.55

Medicare   $16.73

State         $31.16

Net pay     $879.15

How Much is $60,000 a Year Biweekly?

Getting paid biweekly is when you get a paycheck every other week.  Many companies pay their employees biweekly.  

When you get paid every other week, it can be a bit trickier to budget.  You’ll have to be careful you don’t run out of money in your account before any bills come due that second week of the pay period.

Anyway, biweekly pay for a salary of $60K a year based on 40 hour work weeks will be $2,308.

$28.85 x 80 = $2308

How Much is $60,000 a Year Biweekly after Taxes?

Using the same specifications as I did above (Arizona resident, filing single, no pretax deductions) here is the after-tax biweekly estimated pay using the salary paycheck calculator:

Gross pay $2308.00

Federal     $310.82

FICA         $143.10

Medicare   $33.47

State         $62.32

Net Pay    $1758.29

How Much is $60,000 a Year Monthly?

I am going to break down what your monthly pay would be when making $60,000 a year.  But keep in mind some months you might have 4 paychecks and some you might have 5 paychecks when getting paid weekly.  

If getting paid biweekly some months you will have 2 paychecks and some you will have 3 paychecks.

This is super important to keep in mind when budgeting.  You don’t want to figure out your monthly pay by taking your yearly pay and dividing it by 12 and then base your budget on that number. 

Trust me, it won’t work out well. 

So just be careful when determining your monthly income when making your budget.  Figure out the number of paydays that fall within the month every time you make your budget.

As I said your weekly (gross) pay when you have a salary of 60K a year is $1,154. 

$1,154 x 4 paydays for the month = $4,616

$1,154 x 5 paydays for the month = $5,770

And if you get paid biweekly when you have a salary of 60K a year your gross income for those 2 weeks would be $2,308.

$2,308 x 2 paydays for the month = $4,616

$2,308 x 3 paydays for the month = $6924

For example, I actually get paid biweekly at my day job and my paydays are on Wednesdays.  So March and September of this year were 2 months I technically had 3 paydays fall within one month. 

If you can budget with just 2 paydays (in the case of biweekly pay) or 4 paydays (in the case of weekly pay) you could really take advantage of those months with the “extra” paycheck by making plans for that money to help you reach your financial goals.

Some things you could do with the “extra” paychecks are:

  • Pay down debt
  • Earmark for a planned large purchase (i.e house downpayment or car)
  • Boost your emergency fund
  • Save for a family vacation
  • Invest for your future
  • Anything else that would help you progress toward your financial goals

How Much is $60,000 a Year Monthly after Taxes?

I put together an example of monthly pay after taxes if either getting paid weekly (4 paydays per month) or biweekly (2 paydays per month) using the Salary Paycheck Calculator for someone who makes $60,000 per year.  

This is for California, no pretax contributions, and filing single:


Gross pay $2,308.00

Federal $310.82

FICA $143.10

Medicare $33.47

State $98.30

SDI $27.70

Net Pay $1694.61

The estimated monthly after-tax income in this scenario is $3,389.22 (Biweekly net pay x 2).


Gross pay $1154

Federal $155.41

FICA $71.55

Medicare $16.73

State $49.15

SDI $13.85

Net Pay $847.31

The estimated monthly after-tax income is $3,389.24 (Weekly net pay x 4)

So go ahead and play around with that calculator for your scenario to see what $60,000 a year would be monthly after taxes for you.

$60000 a year is how much an hour? woman working in laboratory

Jobs that make $60,000 a Year

It’s difficult to pinpoint specific jobs that make right around $60,000 a year.  This is because there are several factors that can affect your salary.  

Here are some variables that affect salary according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • Holding special credentials or licensures
  • Amount of experience or skill level
  • Different industries
  • Having more responsibility or more complex job tasks
  • Where you live and the supply/demand for the job
  • Demonstrating success on the job and a high level of performance

That being said, there are jobs with a range of between $60,000 a year and $79,999 that you don’t need a college degree for, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Here are some examples:

  • First-line supervisors of non-retail sales workers
  • Postmasters and Superintendents
  • Gambling managers
  • Transit and railroad police
  • Locomotive engineers
  • Lighting technicians, media and communication equipment workers
  • Claims adjusters
  • Chemical plant and systems operators
  • Police and sheriff’s patrol officers

And here are some examples of jobs within that same salary range that require a bachelor’s degree:

  • Chemist
  • Budget analyst
  • Project management specialists
  • Web developers
  • Occupational health and safety specialists
  • Fashion designers
  • Registered nurses
  • Credit analysts
  • Accountants
  • Insurance underwriters

Sample Monthly Budget for $60,000 a Year

Let’s use the Arizona example for this sample budget.  Biweekly after-tax pay as stated above is $1,758.29.  So monthly after-tax pay would be $3,516.58.

I used budget percentages to help come up with a budget for a salary of $60,000 a year.  Using budget percentages can help you determine if you are overspending on an area of your budget.  

For example, if you are in the market for buying a house, you should aim to keep all of your monthly combined housing costs (i.e. mortgage, taxes, homeowners insurance) to no more than 25-28% of your after-tax income.   

This will help prevent you from overspending on the purchase of your home.  

Here is a great article that goes into more detail and where I found the budget percentages for this sample budget.  

Sample budget for 60k a year

Is $60,000 a Year Good?

Asking if 60K a year is a good salary is just looking for other people’s opinions and perceptions.  The best way to answer this is, it depends.

The national average salary in 2020 was $56,310.  This would put a salary of $60,000 a year above average.  

Many people would definitely consider a salary of $60,000 a year to be a good salary.  However, before you decide if $60,000 a year is good or not, there are other factors to consider.  

Some factors to think about before you decide if $60,000 a year is good in your situation are:

  • If you live in a single income or dual-income household
  • If you have children or dependents to support
  • The cost of living for where you live
  • If you have a lot of debt
  • Your lifestyle or the type of lifestyle you would like to live

So a salary of $60,000 per year for a single person, with no debt, and residing in a low cost of living area would probably be a great salary.

But if the person has to support a family, has debt, and lives in an area with a high cost of living, then $60,000 may not cut it.  

$60000 a year is how much a year? woman counting money

Tips to Live on $60,000 a Year

If you are making a salary of $60,000 a year and it’s not cutting it for your situation, there are things you can do to help stretch your dollars.  Finding ways to reduce expenses and save money will help live more comfortably on $60,000 a year.

#1 Create (or revise) your budget

Creating a household budget that works will go far to help you live more comfortably, no matter what your salary is.  If you need some help creating your budget, you could try using my free budgeting workbook.

It includes:

  • A cover sheet for your budget binder (if you will be using one)
  • A worksheet to help you brainstorm your expense/budget categories
  • A budget template to keep track of how you are doing on a monthly basis
  • A large list of possible budget categories/household expenses to help you make your budget
Free budget binder printable templates

You can download my free budget binder here.

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#2 Spend intentionally

When it comes to sticking to your budget, controlling your spending is the key to success.  Budgets aren’t typically that hard to make, it’s sticking to them that is the problem for many people.

Making intentional decisions about how you want to spend your money will help you stick to your budget.  Intentional spending is all about decreasing your spending on things that aren’t meaningful to you and spending your money on those things you highly value.

Intentional spending is the core principle of living a frugal lifestyle.  And living a frugal lifestyle can help you achieve your financial goals.  

I love writing about living frugally.  I give partial credit to converting to living a frugal lifestyle for helping my husband and I pay off a boatload of debt when we first got married. 

The other thing that helped us pay off our debt is increasing our income.

A really simple way to make a few extra bucks each month is by taking online surveys. Two survey companies I have used before are Survey Junkie and Swagbucks.

Survey Junkie is an online market research community.  When you participate in Survey Junkie, you get to share your opinion to help brands improve their products.  

After you complete surveys, you will earn virtual points that you can trade in for Paypal cash or e-Giftcards for places like Amazon or Target.  

You can sign up for Survey Junkie here.  

With Swagbucks, you earn points that you can trade in for PayPal Cash or gift cards just by taking surveys, shopping online, watching videos, and playing games. 

You can earn gift cards for your favorite brands like Amazon, Walmart, Visa, Target, and more!

Many Swagbucks members earn between $25 to $100 per month that they can use to save for a vacation, use for fun money, or cover expenses.  

If you would like to check out or sign up for Swagbucks, you can do so here!  

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#3 Pay off your debt

Paying off your consumer debt is a no-brainer when it comes to living more comfortably.  The less you owe to other people every month, the more you have to help you work toward your financial goals.

But we all know paying off debt isn’t easy, especially if you are living paycheck to paycheck.  Developing an action plan for paying off your debt can help you get the ball rolling and get you moving in the right direction.  

In order to develop a plan of action to pay down your debt, you will want to list all of your debts.  Write down the amount of the loan and the interest rate.

Then determine if you will use the debt snowball method to pay down your debt or the debt avalanche method.  If you aren’t familiar with these methods, you can find more information about them here

Once you determine which method you will use, list your debts in the order that you will be paying them down based on which method you chose.  

Find ways to save money on your everyday expenses to put toward paying down your debt.  There are lots of ways to save money on your household expenses.  It just takes planning and sometimes a little creativity to find ways to save.

If you are looking for ways to save money, you may enjoy reading:

#4 Save up an emergency fund

Saving money in an emergency fund can help you live more comfortably on $60,000 a year. 


Because when you have money saved up to use for unexpected expenses, you won’t feel as stressed or anxious about your money situation.  

And when you aren’t feeling stress and anxiety, you are more likely to be calm and happy.  Financial-related stress can affect your overall health and well being so it’s important to minimize this stress.  

Also, if you are carrying debt that you are in the process of paying off, having an emergency fund to cover unexpected expenses can help prevent you from going further into debt.

#5 Consider living in a low(er) cost of living area

If a salary of 60K isn’t cutting it for you and you live in a high cost of living area, searching for a home in a location with a lower cost of living could help.  

And that doesn’t always mean moving across the country or to another state.  Sometimes just moving to another neighborhood in the same city or town is enough to make a big difference.  

Final Thoughts on $60,000 a year is how much a hour

When you make $60,000 a year, it comes out to an hourly rate of $28.85 an hour as long as you work 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year.  

If you are wondering what $60,000 a year is after taxes, try using the salary paycheck calculator I referred to above to get an estimate for your specific situation.  

If you find that a salary of 60K a year is not enough to support your basic needs, budgeting and reducing household expenses can help.  

Living below your means by adopting a frugal lifestyle and paying off debt will also help you to live more comfortably no matter what your salary or hourly pay is.  

If you would like my free budgeting workbook to help you get started with creating your budget, you can download it here.  

What are your best tips to save on household expenses?  Please leave your tips in the comments. 

5 Simple Tips for Living on 60K a Year
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