35 Fun and Affordable Girls’ Night Out Ideas

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Are you looking for fun activities to do with your besties besides heading out to the local town bar? Maybe you are wondering,” What are some things to do for a girls’ night out near me?”  

It’s essential to have time away from your partner and kids to spend time with your friends. Having fun with your girlfriends is a great way to mix up a monotonous routine and re-energize yourself. Not to mention, relaxing and letting loose are great stress relievers.  

So if you are looking for fun and affordable girls’ night out ideas, here are some of the best activities that don’t involve the local bar or Girls’ Night Out The Show.

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Affordable Girls’ Night Ideas: Girls’ Night In

Just because you are watching what you spend doesn’t mean you have to stay home by yourself. Invite your friends over for a girls’ night in! Here are the best affordable ladies’ night ideas that won’t bust your budget.

1. Movie Night

Get cozy with your girls for a night in watching movies. Stream one or rent a cheap movie from Redbox. Complete the night with popcorn, candy (hit up the dollar store for movie theater-size boxes!), and your beverage of choice. 

2. Game Night

Have your friends over for a game night. You could play cards, board games, video games, yard games, or Truth or Dare. There are so many options for an entertaining girls’ night in!

3. Wine Tasting Party

Have each of your friends bring over a bottle of wine and a food dish the wine complements. Critique the wine and keep your notes in a wine log (use a small notebook from the dollar store) to save for your next wine-tasting party.  

4. Sleep Over

Have an old-fashioned sleepover where you stay up late chatting, watching scary movies, binge-watching Friends or Grey’s Anatomy, and trying out new beauty products. Don’t forget your snacks and sleeping bags!

5. Spa Night

Round up your girlfriends for a fun night of pampering and catching up. Do facials, manicures, and pedicures. Have your girls bring their favorite facial mask products and nail colors to share.  

6. Bake Cookies

Get together for a night of baking. Everyone can bring a recipe and ingredients. Then divide up the cookies so everyone has some of each kind to take home.  

7. Adult Scavenger Hunt

Hide small bags of snacks and cans or bottles of beverages around your property. Then, create a scavenger hunt and search for the goodies. Afterward, you guessed it, hang out and enjoy your snacks and drinks.  

8. Dinner at Home

Have your girls over for dinner. You could either cook dinner together or have each of your friends bring a dish. Try a dinner theme night to make it fun. And don’t forget the beverages to match the theme!

9. Fondue Night

Chocolate fondue makes an indulgent treat for you and your girlfriends, or you could try a cheese fondue to pair with your favorite wine. Check out this fondue pot to get your fondue party started.

10. Discuss the Latest Book You Read

If you and your girlfriends are avid readers, why not start a little book club? Have everyone bring a snack or drink to share while discussing the month’s book.

11. Go Shopping (In Each Other’s Closet)

Let’s face it. Sometimes you feel like you have nothing to wear (even though your closet is full of clothes!). But maybe you don’t want to go out and spend money on new clothes. Your friends might be feeling that way, also.  

A clothing swap could be the perfect solution for wardrobe boredom. Pull out some pieces you don’t mind trading, and have your friends bring some clothes they want to trade. Make a night out of shopping your friends’ closets. And don’t forget to swap accessories you are getting tired of too!  

12. Workout

Getting together with your girlfriends to exercise could be a free, unique, and fun girls’ night out (or girls’ night in).  

Here are some ideas for a wide range of fitness levels:

  • Walk
  • Jog
  • Jump rope (try some old-school double Dutch)
  • Yoga (find a YouTube video)
  • Pilates (look on YouTube)
  • Weight training
  • Tennis (look for a used racket at the thrift store)
  • Try the FitOn app for a large variety of free workout videos

13. Learn New Dance Moves

Plan a fun night with your girlfriends to learn some new moves for the next time you go out dancing. You can find instructional videos on YouTube. Or you could forget the videos and throw your own dance party for a fun girls’ night in.   

14. Have a Progressive Dinner 

A progressive dinner is when you eat each course of your meal at a different place. Plan a progressive dinner with your friends for an interesting and fun girls’ night in that takes place in multiple locations. 

15. Learn a New Hobby

Does one of your friends have a fantastic hobby you would love to learn? Plan a girls’ night in to learn about something new while sipping your favorite beverages.  

16. Try Arts and Crafts

Are you feeling crafty? Check out Pinterest for something unique to create to bring out your inner artist while chillin’ with your girlfriends.  

Budget-Friendly Girls’ Night Out Ideas

If you are tired of going to the local bar for your girls’ night out, here are some fun and frugal activities for the perfect girls’ night out.  

17. Go for a Bike Ride

Got a bike collecting dust in the garage? Get your girls together to plan out a fun route for riding your bicycle with scenic stops. Of course, for safety, you’ll want to plan your bike ride for a girls’ day so it’s still light outside. Also, don’t forget to stop and pose for tons of pics for social media.

18. Go Hiking

Another fantastic idea for a girls’ day is hiking. Look for a national park near you to find a great place to hike. Or find a scenic hiking trail close by to check out.  

19. Camping

A night of camping could be just what you and your girls need to unplug, relax and catch up with each other. Even camping in your backyard could be an interesting and fun girls’ night activity.  

20. Karaoke

Head out to karaoke night or rent a karaoke machine to make some lasting memories with your girlfriends.  

21. See a Matinee

A night out at the movies with your girls can get expensive. However, if you go to an earlier film, you could still have a fun girls’ day and see the movie you’ve wanted to see at a discount.

22. Watch a Local Sporting Event

If you and your friends love sports, check local colleges and universities for upcoming sporting events to watch for your girls’ night out.  

23. Community Events

Browse your town’s website or Facebook page for fun community activities for girls’ night out ideas. Things like fairs, carnivals, festivals, and races would all make fun activities to do with your friends.  

24. Outdoor Concerts

Many towns and communities host free outdoor concerts. An outdoor concert would make for a fantastic ladies’ night out activity.  

25. Visit an Arcade

Arcades aren’t just for kids. So gather up your girlfriends to head out for a night of fun and games at the local arcade.  

26. Bowling

Don’t forget about bowling! It’s also a budget-friendly activity that would make for an entertaining girls’ night out.

27. Go Out Dancing

If you are looking for a more traditional girls’ night out idea, heading out to the club for a night of dancing is it. But, unfortunately, cover charges can be expensive. So if you are on a budget, look for a nightclub with a cheaper cover charge.  

28. Go Roller Skating

Roller skating is an inexpensive activity that would make for a fun girl’s night activity. Grab some ice cream afterward to wrap up the night.

29. Check Out Groupon

Groupon is a platform that offers discounts and coupons on products and services. Groupon has tons of different categories of offers. You’ll find deals for local spas, things to do, restaurants, fitness, travel, and so much more.  

So when you are looking for affordable girls’ night out ideas, be sure to check Groupon for deals. Saving money on your night out will make it even more enjoyable!

30. Head to the Museum

Many local museums offer free or cheap admission. So get dressed up and head to the museum to check out the latest exhibits.  

31. Get Dressed Up for Pictures Around Town

Find some places around your town that would make unique backdrops for a photo shoot with your girls. Then, get together beforehand to get glammed up and head out to take some Instagram-ready pictures.  

Also, you could make a photo album to remember the night on a site like Mixbook or Shutterfly. A photo book would make an incredible gift for your girlfriends for their birthdays, Christmas, or anytime. 

32. Go Thrifting or Antiquing 

Head to the local thrift stores or antique stores with your friends to browse. You never know what you might find. For example, you could find a cool vintage shirt or the perfect vase to complete your coffee table vignette. Enjoy a night of treasure hunting for a fun girls’ night.   

33. Volunteering

Choose one of the many incredible charities for you and your girlfriends to donate your time by volunteering. You’ll be helping a good cause while spending a night with your friends.

34. Head to the Beach

If you live within driving distance to a beach, pack up the car and head there for a fun and affordable girls’ day. Go for a few hours to relax on the sand or stay the day and check out the beach town nightlife.  

35. Plan a Wine Tour

Do you live near wineries? A wine tour could be the perfect girls’ day activity. Many wineries charge a small tasting fee if you don’t buy a bottle of wine, making a wine tour an inexpensive way to spend time with your friends.   

Frequently Asked Questions About a Girls’ Night Out 

How Do You Plan a Girls’ Night Out?

If you want to plan a fun girls’ night out, pick a date that works for all of your friends. Throw around some affordable girls’ night ideas and discuss the kind of budget everyone has.  

Being open about the cost of your girls’ night is essential because not all of your friends may be in a similar financial position. If you or any of your friends are already living paycheck to paycheck, the last thing you want is for someone in your group to overextend themselves financially.  

Once you establish a budget, all you have to do is choose your ladies’ night activity, gather any supplies you need, and show up for fun! As you can see from the list above, there are plenty of affordable and fun activities for ladies.  

How Do I Host a Girls’ Night?

If you and your girlfriends frequently choose to have a girls’ night in, you may want to take turns hosting the night. When you are getting ready to host a girls’ night, you’ll want to do some planning ahead to make sure everyone enjoys themselves.

If you are having dinner or making food, ask everyone to bring a dish to reduce the cost and time you have to spend preparing for the night.

Here are some other things you may want to plan when hosting a girls’ night in or out:

  • Food, snacks, or restaurants you’ll eat at
  • Movies to rent or see in the theatre
  • Games, movies, or other entertainment
  • Drinks (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)
  • Transportation to your ladies’ night activity
  • Babysitters 
  • Where you and your friends will sleep for the night

What are Some Girls’ Night Out Movies?

Looking for a chick flick or wondering what to watch for a girls’ night? Here are some of the best girls’ night out (or in) movies you can find on Netflix or at Redbox:

  • Bridesmaids
  • 50 First Dates
  • Pretty Woman
  • The Fault in Our Stars
  • Love and Basketball
  • Made of Honor
  • Step Up
  • The Devil Wears Prada
  • Miss Congeniality
  • The Notebook
  • Dirty Dancing

What are Some Girls’ Night Out Games?

If you are planning to have a girls’ night and want some fun and crazy games, here are a few options:

What are Some Girls’ Night Out Quotes?

Here are some fantastic girls’ night out quotes from The Random Vibez:

“What happens at a girls’ night out stays with the girls.”

“Happiness is…A night out with the girls.”

“You might call it a girls’ night out; I call it therapy.”

“There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy, and these ladies are mine.”

Final Thoughts on Girls’ Night Out Ideas

You don’t have to sacrifice having fun with your friends because you have a tight budget. As you can see, there are plenty of affordable but still fun activities to do with your girlfriends.  

A girls’ night out doesn’t have to revolve around the local town bar. Use some of these ideas to get creative and help you plan a ladies’ night that your friends will be talking about for years to come.  

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