50 Budget Friendly Mother’s Day Gift Ideas (Under $30!)

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Mother’s Day will be here before you know it. Have you been trying to come up with some budget-friendly Mother’s Day gift ideas for your mom? I’ve been racking my brain.

Mother’s Day is the perfect day to thank your mom, or any other mom or motherly figure in your life (mother-in-law, grandma, friend, stepmother, sister, etc), how much you appreciate them.

Mother’s day can get super expensive, especially if you want to celebrate more than one mom in your life. Giving gifts can be tricky sometimes because you want to give the person something special that they will adore, but if you are on a budget and funds are limited, you may have to get creative.

So I wanted to share some budget friendly Mother’s Day gift ideas I found that are under $30. Many of these ideas are cheap Mother’s Day gifts under $20. I hope that you will find something on this list that your mom will love!

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Budget Friendly Mother’s Day Gift Ideas under $30

There are so many possibilities out there for cheap Mother’s Day gifts. So I decided to break them up by mom’s interests to help you find what you are looking for quicker.

For the Wine Connoisseur Mom

1. Bottle of Wine

This one is super easy! Choose your mom’s favorite type of wine, but surprise her with a bottle she has never tried. You could even make a cute gift basket with an assortment of cheeses and crackers to go with her wine.

2. Wine Rack

I love this wine rack. The rustic design will coordinate with so many kitchens. I like how it is tall instead of wide so it won’t take up a large footprint on the countertop.

Shop this wine rack here.

3. Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Is your mom starting with arthritis in her hands? She would probably love an electric wine bottle opener! We even have one and I love it!

Shop this wine bottle opener here.

4. Insulated Wine Tumbler

I love these wine tumblers. My husband got one for me for my birthday last year and it’s perfect for keeping all my drinks cool when sitting outside in the summer. This rose gold one is beautiful.

Shop this insulated wine tumbler here.

5. Decanter

If your mom is a red wine drinker, check out this decanter. It is so simple yet beautiful.

Shop this decanter here.

For the Techie Mom

6. Handbag Phone Charger

This portable phone charger will give your mom peace of mind while on the go. The rose gold is so pretty.

Shop this portable phone charger here.

7. Tablet Stand

This soft tablet stand will come in handy for your mom when she is lounging. I have one and my 2 boys each have one and we love them.

Shop this soft tablet stand here.

8. 3 in 1 Smartphone Grip

This smartphone grip is ingenious. It will help your mom hold her phone easier, it’s a small wallet, and the grip turns into a stand.

Shop this smartphone grip here.

9. UV Phone Sanitizer

Phones are so germy! I love the idea of a phone sanitizer, especially because of COVID!

Shop this phone sanitizer here.

10. Tablet Sleeve

Any techie mom who has a tablet is sure to love this super cute tablet sleeve! It comes in other colors if she isn’t a fan of pink!

Shop this tablet sleeve here.

For the Fitness Loving Mom

11. Yoga mat

This yoga mat comes in so many different prints. You are sure to find one your mom will love.

Shop this yoga mat here.

12. New Water Bottle

This insulated water bottle comes with 3 different style lids and comes in tons of colors!

Shop this insulated water bottle here.

13. Foot Roller

If your mom is a runner or walker (or if she is always on her feet), she needs a foot roller! I have one like this and love it. This set comes with three other massage balls.

Shop this foot roller here.

14. Wristband Phone Holder

If your mom likes to exercise, maybe she could use a new phone holder. I personally prefer a wristband phone holder over an armband phone holder when I run because it keeps my phone handy at all times. I have this exact one and it works great.

Shop this wristband phone holder here.

15. Running Socks

Socks are so important for athletes! If your mom is a runner or walker, surprise her with a great pair of socks.

Shop this pair of socks here.

For the Mom Who Loves Reading

16. A Book

How about surprising her with the book she has been wanting? Easy enough, right?

17. Throw Blanket

Your mom is going to need a cozy throw blanket to snuggle up under while reading! This one is beautiful and is on my wish list.

Shop this throw blanket here.

18. Book Light

If your mom loves reading, check out this book light!

Shop this book light here.

19. Book Journal

If your mom is a book lover, she may appreciate a book journal to keep track of the books she reads. This one has plenty of space to write notes about her books.

Shop this book journal here.

20. Book Ends

If your mom has tons of books and likes to display some of them, help her keep her books organized with some cute rustic bookends.

Shop these bookends here.

For the Mom Who Loves Beauty & Pampering

21. Z Palette

If your mom loves makeup and has tons of single eyeshadows or tons of individual blushes or bronzers, she may love this Z Palette! I had lots of older eyeshadows I never used, but I felt like I “needed” a new palette. I came across this and now I have a new palette of all my old eyeshadows!

I love having them in one place and this is now the palette I reach for every morning. There are tons of tutorials online for de-potting your makeup. Just go slow and be careful!

Shop this Z palette here.

22. Makeup Brushes

A new set of makeup brushes is so simple but so useful! I have a few different makeup brushes by this brand and love them.

Shop this makeup brush set here.

23. Bath Robe

A cozy bathrobe is a great idea for a mom that loves pampering.

Shop this bathrobe here.

24. Nail Polish Set

Here is a gel nail polish set in a pretty color by a popular brand!

Shop this nail polish set here.

25. Shower Steamers

Pamper your mom with these aromatherapy shower steamers to help her relax.

Shop these shower steamers here.

For the Home Décor Loving Mom

26. Throw Pillow

This throw pillow is so sweet. Your mom will know how special she is every time she sees it.

Shop this throw pillow here.

27. Picture Frame

Find a cute picture frame and put a family picture in it. Check out thrift stores for an awesome frame that just needs a little love with some paint to freshen it up. Or if you want to buy mom a collage, I love this family photo collage. The pictures are so easy to switch out.

Shop this family photo collage here.

28. A Plant

Got a plant that is doing awesome that needs to be split up? How about starting a plant for your mom in a cute little planter?

Shop this planter here.

29. Old Books

Check out thrift stores and antique stores for old books with tons of character your décor loving mom could use for her side table & coffee table vignettes.

30. Tray

Trays are so multi functional! Use them in home décor, to keep an area organized, or for entertaining and serving.  

Shop this set of trays here.

For the Mom Who Loves Cooking and Baking

31. Cookbook

If your mom loves cooking and baking, a new cookbook would delight her. This cookbook got some really great reviews.

Shop this cookbook here.

32. Cast Iron Skillet

Cast iron skillets are so versatile in the kitchen, making them the perfect gift for a mom who loves to cook and bake.

Shop this cast iron skillet here.

33. Wooden Salt and Pepper Mills

Is your mom still using the same salt and pepper shakers from when you were a kid? Update her countertops with a new set of wooden salt and pepper grinders.

Shop this salt and pepper mill set here.

34. Tablet & Cookbook Holder for the Kitchen

Moms who love cooking and baking need a stand to put their cookbooks or tablet on so they can easily see their recipes.

Shop this cookbook & tablet stand here.

35. Silicone Baking Mats

Every baker needs silicone baking mats! If your mom goes through her parchment paper like there is no tomorrow, this would be a great idea for her!

Shop this silicone baking mat set here.

For the Traveling Mom

36. Packing Cubes

I think these packing cubes are so smart! Our kids’ clothes are still small enough to pack in our suitcases and these would be great to keep our clothes organized and easily pack and unpack. If your mom loves to travel and does not have a set of these yet, check them out!

Shop these packing cubes here.

37. Travel Wallet

Help your mom keep all her important travel documents organized and handy in this trifold travel wallet.

Shop this wallet here.

38. Toiletry Bag

Help your mom keep her toiletries organized and neat with a toiletry travel bag.

Shop this toiletry bag here.

39. Compression Socks

Help improve her comfort and circulation during traveling with these compression socks. They come in a bunch of fun patterns and colors.

Shop these compression socks here.

40. Facial Spray

Help your mom feel refreshed during and after traveling with this facial spray.

Shop this facial spray kit here.

For the Mom That Loves Gardening

41. Gardening Book

Check out this vegetable-growing book if your mom loves gardening. It has great reviews.

Shop this gardening book here.

42. Gardening Kit

This gardening kit has everything your mom needs if she is just starting to get into gardening (or if she could use some new gardening tools).

Shop this gardening kit here.

43. Watering Can

Could your mom use a new watering can for her gardening? This one is cute and functional.

Shop this watering can here.

44. Hose Attachment

Maybe your mom’s garden is big and she needs a new hose attachment instead of a watering can for watering?

Shop this hose attachment here.

45. Personalized Garden Sign

These garden signs are adorable! If my mom had a garden I would get this for her.

Shop this garden sign here.

For the Jewelry Loving Mom

46. Jewelry Case

These jewelry cases look like they hold a ton of jewelry. I love how the top is clear so you can see the beautiful jewelry inside.

Shop this jewelry case here.

47. Enamel Jewelry

Enamel jewelry continues to be in style this year. These hinged bracelets are so pretty.

Shop this bangle bracelet here.

48. Bar Necklace

I love these bar necklaces. They are super cute and can be worn with so many types of outfits.

Shop this bar necklace here.

49. Beaded bracelet

Colorful beads are also in style this year. I love these beaded bracelets with the Tree of Life charm. It symbolizes eternity, hope, and happiness.

Shop this beaded bracelet here.

50. Pearl Earrings

Pearl jewelry continues to be on trend this year. These drop pearl earrings are classic and cute.

Shop these pearl earrings here.

I hope you were able to get a few ideas for your mom from my list of inexpensive and budget friendly Mother’s Day gifts. These would also make great cheap gift ideas for your mom on her birthday, Christmas, or just because!

Happy Mother’s Day!

budget friendly mother's day gift ideas

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