Frugal Living


Upcycle:  The Best Way To Find Quality, Value, and Fulfillment

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“Upcycle” is a term you’re likely to hear from that one extremely eco-friendly person in your life (in between them ...

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How To Save Money on Gas: 7 Easy Ways To Reduce Fuel Prices

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14 Actionable Tips on How To Save Money on Electric Bills

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How to Cut Your Own Hair to Save Money

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According to Google Trends, the question “how to cut your own hair” skyrocketed in Google searches during the lockdown in ...

Affordable furniture

12 Best Stores to Find Affordable Furniture for a Comfy Home


Providing a comfortable home for your family is always on top of every parent’s priority list. However, furnishing a home ...

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22 Inexpensive DIY Christmas Gifts for Anyone on a Budget

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Best Gas Price Hacks to Save Money


Remember when everyone thought 2022 would be the best year yet? Hardly anyone thought the economy might fall apart. However, ...

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5 Best Tips For School Shopping On A Budget

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It’s that time of year again. As August rolls around, parents, children, and teachers start thinking about school again. With ...

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Kid’s Birthday Party on a Budget: Make It Unforgettable!

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It’s no secret that kids’ birthday parties can be expensive. Between the cost of food, decorations, and entertainment, parents can ...

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10 Tips on Saving Money on Outdoor Weddings

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10 Tips on saving money for outdoor weddings There’s something special about outdoor weddings, whether on a beach, in a ...