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I know how hard it can be to manage your money in a way that helps you achieve your financial goals. Where I’m from, they don’t teach the basics of money management in school. After you graduate, you are expected to learn these real life lessons on your own, basically by learning from the mistakes you make.

How fair is that?

Sometimes it takes several major money mistakes in order to learn how to manage your money effectively and living below your means is not an easy task. It requires you to be very intentional with how you handle your money. Let me say it again, this is not easy!

I created this blog to help women learn the basics of money management. I want to help you stop making money mistakes and modify the way you are handling your money in order to make your money work for you, so you can live your best life.

I know that living your best life is a very individualized task that depends on your personal values and needs. It is my goal to provide inspiration and education to you by creating resources and giving you tips on how to streamline your finances so you can focus on the most important things in your life.

On this blog you will find information about:

  • Ways to effectively organize your personal finances and how to utilize the financial worksheets, checklists, and guides I created for you, so you can spend your time how you want
  • How to create and manage a budget that works for you so you stop living paycheck to paycheck
  • Frugal living tips and tricks to help save you money, including how I personally do my monthly meal planning
  • Information on developing a healthy mindset and relationship with money, including managing money related stress
  • Creating personal finance goals and how to work towards them in order to achieve your dreams

Organize your personal finance world

I love organizing. It’s sorta my thing. I feel very out of sorts when I encounter anything disorganized. I can’t focus on anything else but the mess! Over the years, I’ve come to be very good at organizing things. Doesn’t matter what it is, I can and will put it in order!

Since getting your finances organized is the first step to getting your money under control, this is an important topic to cover on my blog. I will help you get your finances organized by giving you actionable tips that you can cater to your situation, as well as, giving you access to printable worksheets, checklists, and guides to help you get organized in a timely manner so you can spend your time how you want to.

Create and manage a budget that works for you

Budgeting is so important to living below your means and to stop living paycheck to paycheck. But, it can be very intimidating to try to create one that works. Sometimes it takes multiple attempts and trial and error to create a useful budget. Plus, staying motivated and sticking to your budget is a whole other story.

On my blog you will find information on creating a budget, managing your budget, staying motivated, and sticking to your budget. You will also find budget friendly activities so you don’t feel deprived while you are trying to stop living paycheck to paycheck. The goal is for you to live within your means and be happy while you are working toward your goals.

Live more frugally in order to save money, while still living comfortably

Cutting back on expenses is one thing you can do to help you live within your means. However, knowing the what and how of living on less can be a challenge. On this blog I want to help you with living more frugally by giving you tips and tricks to help you save money on the line items in your budget.

One major line item in everyone’s budget is food expenses. Food costs can very easily get out of hand and blow your budget. I’m a true believer in meal planning. I’ve been doing monthly (I call it monthly, but it is essentially 4 weeks at a time) meal planning for many years and it has helped my family immensely. Meal planning not only helps with cutting back on food expenses, but it also helps with time management on a busy weeknight. You will find quite a bit of information on my blog about how I meal plan and ways to cut food expenses.

Developing a healthy mindset, attitude, and relationship with money

We all know how important it is to have a positive attitude in life. People that go through life with a positive attitude tend to be overall happier and have less stress. The same goes for your money mindset, or your attitude, thoughts, and feelings about money. You see, these thoughts and feelings tend to guide your actions you take with your money. So you can imagine how important it is to have a healthy attitude about money.

On this blog I have information and tips on how to improve your relationship with money so you can be happier and have less money related stress. Some of these tips can potentially help you sleep better at night!

Determine your personal finance goals and how to work towards them to achieve your dreams

Personal finance goals are obviously just that, personal. Your goals are going to be very different than my goals. Whether your goals are to stop living paycheck to paycheck, payoff debt, save for a down payment on a house, or save for retirement, it is important to know how to create goals that are attainable.

This blog will help you develop actionable steps for reaching your financial goals. You will find tips for creating realistic goals and how to work toward your goals so you can get started on the path to financial wellness.


Learning to manage your money effectively does not have to be complicated or stressful. Once you get your finances organized, have a healthy relationship with money, learn the basics of budgeting and saving money, and identify your financial goals, you will be headed in the right direction toward a future of financial wellness.

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