Awesome Benefits of Frugal Living

Living a frugal lifestyle is beneficial for so many reasons.  But, what is frugality?

Living a frugal lifestyle is about intentional spending.  It's about spending less on things that don't matter to you so you can afford the things that do.

Frugal living is not about being cheap or hoarding your money.  

Here are 13 awesome benefits of frugality you should know about.  

1.  Live a simpler life. Living frugally helps you make mindful decisions in all areas of your life.

2.  Find more time in your day. If you aren't out shopping and spending money, you'll have more time to spend doing what you love.

3.  Feel less stressed about money. Being intentional with your money will help improve your financial situation.

4.  Live below your means. Intentional spending helps free up money to pay off debt and live below your means.

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