Best Money-Saving Challenges to Grow Your Cash Stash

Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck? Or are you trying to save more money?

A money-saving challenge may be just the thing you need to get your finances in order.

Money-saving challenges are great for resetting your spending habits to save extra money.

They can help you build a cushion of cash, stop impulse spending, and take control of your finances so you can reach your financial goals.

Here are the 5 best money-saving challenges based on their simplicity, effectiveness, and ease of getting started.

1.  The 100 Envelope Challenge You'll have $5,050 saved if you complete this money challenge from start to finish!

2.  The 52-Week Savings Challenge This money challenge will yield you $1378 by the end of the year and doesn't require aggressive budget-cutting to complete.

3.  The No-Spend Challenge This money challenge is about cutting out spending on the non-essentials in your budget.  

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