Budget Friendly Winter Activities 

It is advised by financial planners to keep your entertainment budget to 10% of your take home pay.

This could present a challenge when trying to stay busy and have fun over the winter months.  

Finding free or very low-cost activities for your family to do can help stretch your entertainment budget.

Here are some ideas for budget friendly winter activities to beat boredom during those cold winter months.   


*Movie marathon *Read *Bake cookies *Game night

*Potluck dinner *Workout *New hobby *Side hustle


*Jigsaw puzzles *Word searches *Make a family yearbook

*Crafts *Declutter, clean, organize *Play cards


*Vist a museum *Look at holiday lights *Ride your bike *Volunteer

*Hike *Go sledding *Make S'mores *Exercise


*Winter festivals *Practice photography *Scavenger hunts *Block parties

*Star gazing *Play or watch sports *Visit library *Take a walk


Click the link below for more budget friendly winter activities.