Quick and Easy Lunch Ideas on a Budget for Work

Taking a lunch to work is essential for saving money and eating healthy.

But what if you hate doing meal prep?  You should have a variety of lunch ideas available that are quick and easy to prepare.  

Here are 12 easy lunch ideas that are cheap and won't take you longer than 5 minutes to pack for work.

1.  Leftovers Leftovers from dinner are the easiest thing to pack for lunch.

2.  Cold cuts or lunchmeat sandwiches Not the most exciting, but sandwiches are easy to make when you need to get it done quickly.

3.  Wraps Sure, you could put lunchmeat in your wrap.  But why not try to fill a wrap with veggies, tuna, egg, or chicken salad?

4.  Adult Lunchables Kids love Lunchables, why can't adults?  Make your own version with your favorite foods.

5.  Oatmeal Hot cereal isn't just for breakfast.  Buy the large canister and make 3 servings at a time to make packing lunch a breeze.

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