Cheap Ways to Spend Time with Mom

Are you looking for inexpensive ways to spend time with your mom so you can spend quality time with her?

We all know how busy life can be.  Setting time aside in your schedule to spend with your mom is a great way to stay bonded.

Here are 23 cheap ways to spend quality time with your mother for a special occasion or any day of the year.

Enjoy a meal together. Whether you cook together or go on a picnic, spending time together over a meal is a great way to bond.

Watch a movie or favorite show. Make some popcorn and stream a movie or binge watch her favorite TV show.

Go thrifting or antiquing together. Take your mom to your favorite thrift or antique shops and have fun reminiscing together.

Look for free or cheap events in your town. Check your local websites and social media for fairs, community days, and festivals.

Take a walk. Meet up with your mom to walk in your neighborhood, downtown, local mall, or park to chat about life.

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