Easy & Dirt Cheap Meals for a Tight Food Budget

There is a recipe for making dirt cheap meals.

Use cheap ingredients.

*Look for sales *Use coupons & Ibotta *Check for markdowns *Buy in bulk *Shop discount grocery stores

Use simple recipes.

The more ingredients a recipe has, the more expensive it will be.

Incorporate leftovers into other meals. 

Repurposing your leftovers will help you save money and avoid waste.

Go meatless.

Meat is expensive. Try to plan one meatless meal per week to save money. Or serve less meat & more sides.

Here are some dirt-cheap meal ideas:

*Grilled cheese & tomato soup *Rice & bean burritos *Pasta with marinara sauce

More cheap meal ideas for tight food budgets:

*Quesadillas *Sloppy Joe's *Baked Potatoes *Goulash *Chili *Homemade pizza

And here are more cheap meal ideas!

*Meatball sandwiches *Homemade soups *Cheese ravioli or tortellini *Breakfast for dinner (see next slide)

Cheap breakfast meal ideas:

*Oatmeal *Homemade pancakes *Homemade Belgian waffles *Eggs & toast *Egg & potato casserole

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