Financial Literacy:  Important Topics to Know

Financial literacy is the knowledge of essential money topics.

Budgeting, debt, investing, saving, and credit are all essential money topics to understand.

Financial literacy is important for managing your everyday finances, working toward your long-term money goals, and achieving overall financial health or wellness.

Good financial health starts with your income.  Everything else you do with your money flows from your income.  Learning how to manage your income leads to good financial health.

Learning how to save money from your income is important to achieve your financial goals.  Your savings is what will fuel your financial future.

Becoming familiar with how to manage debt effectively is another component of financial literacy.  Understanding interest & fees, good debt & bad debt, and how credit works are all important.    

Familiarity with the basic principles of investing will help you save for your future. Learning about the types of investment accounts, asset types, and investment strategies will help you reach your long term goals.    

Take your time and educate yourself slowly.  Trying to learn everything at once can be overwhelming.  Improving your financial literacy over time will help you make informed decisions and feel more confident with your money.    

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