The Ultimate Guide to Frugal Living for Beginners

Living a frugal lifestyle can help you achieve your financial goals more quickly.

What is frugal living?

Living frugally is about making spending decisions based on your values.

Is living frugally the same as being cheap?

No!  Intentional spending is the basis for frugality.  It involves spending money on things that matter and reducing spending on things that don't.

Here are steps to successfully transition to living a frugal lifestyle.

1.  Decide why you want to live a frugal lifestyle.  Knowing your why will help you stay motivated.  

2.  Develop a frugal mindset.  Getting in the right mindset will help you make decisions with your money that will benefit you in the long run.  

3.  Recruit family. Living frugally should be a team effort to have the most success.    

4.  Decide on your priorities.  Make decisions about what you will and will not spend your money on.  

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