Affordable and Fun Girls' Night Out Ideas

It's essential to have time away from your family to spend with your girlfriends.

Hanging out with your besties is a great way to change up your routine and relieve stress.

Here are some affordable and fun girls' night ideas to beat boredom.

Stream a movie or rent one from Redbox.  Don't forget the snacks and drinks!

Movie Night

Get your girls together for an indulgent chocolate fondue night.  

Fondue Night

Have each friend bring their favorite bottle of wine.  Start a wine log to keep track of your favs.

Wine Tasting Party

Stay up late talking, watching scary movies, and indulging on delicious treats. 

Old-Fashioned Sleep Over

Create a scavenger hunt on your property and hide snacks and adult beverages. Enjoy responsibly afterward.

Plan an Adult Scavenger Hunt

Eat each course of your meal at a different friend's house for an interesting and fun night.  

Have a Progressive Dinner

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