The Best Honeymoon Budget Tips to Save Money

Are there wedding bells in your future?  Wedding planning can be very stressful.

You may be thinking about your honeymoon as a well-deserved reward for undergoing this stress.

But before you plan an extravagant vacation, think about your life after your honeymoon.

A large credit card bill won't carry on the fond memories and can cause even more stress upon returning home.

Here are 31 honeymoon budget tips to help you spend less money on your first getaway as a newly married couple.

1.  Start a honeyfund.  Add a honeymoon registry to the gift options for your wedding guests.

2.  Prepare a honeymoon travel budget.  Create a budget to act as your roadmap to guide you through the process of planning and saving.

 3. Use points and miles to fund your travel.  Travel hacking with reward credit cards can reduce your honeymoon costs.

4.  Honeymoon in the off-season.  Save money on your travel by planning to visit your destination during off-peak times of the year.

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