How to Be More Food Sustainable While Traveling

It's easy to take advantage of to-go containers and prepackaged goods because we live in a convenience driven world.

Large corporations have made us dependent on disposable plastics and only 20 companies produce more than 50% of plastic containers thrown away.

But there are plenty of ways to combat pollution and help keep our Mother Earth healthy and clean.

Here are ways to be more food sustainable while traveling.  You can also save money in the long run and reduce clutter using these methods.

Dine In Ordering takeout results in a large amount of packaging and single use cutlery that fills landfills and ends up in bodies of water.

Look for Local Markets Grocery stores tend to overpackage foods. Instead, head to the local farmers' market to buy your next meal.

Do Your Research Seek out restaurants that use local ingredients that help support local farmers.

Pack a Reusable To-Go Container Plan on packing snacks or on-the-go meals for excursions in a reusable container.

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