How to Deal with Financial Stress

Money problems can be a major source of financial stress.

But it doesn't have to be.

Here are 5 tips for reducing financial related stress.

1.  Learn the truth about your money situation.

Figure out where you stand with your debt.

2.  Create a budget and stick to it.

There are many ways to budget.  Find one that works for you.

3.  Start an emergency fund.

Work toward having at least 3-6 months of expenses saved.

4.  Decide on a debt payoff strategy & start paying down debt.

The popular methods are the debt snowball and the debt avalanche.

5.  Be kind to yourself while working toward improving your finances.

Paying off debt isn't easy.  You may have setbacks.  Stay positive and keep moving forward.

Tap below for more tips and for a list of stress management and relaxation techniques.