How to Fall Asleep Fast:  Tips for the Best Night's Sleep

Insomnia and sleep deprivation contributes to many different health concerns.

Learning how to fall asleep and stay asleep can be important in reducing your risk for health issues.

Here are some tips to fall asleep fast.

Eat enough filling calories.

Food gives you the vitamins and minerals you need to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Stay hydrated.

Dehydration can lead to headaches and muscle cramps.  Be sure to get your electrolytes too!

Be mindful of what you eat.

Some foods contain melatonin, which helps your body prepare for sleep.

Get sunshine.

Sunlight helps keep your circadian rhythms in check, which helps your body know when it's time to sleep.

Get enough exercise.

Exercise boosts serotonin which is a precursor to melatonin.  Exercise also fatigues your body, allowing you to fall asleep faster.

Start meditating.

Meditation helps clear your mind to reduce stress and anxiety, allowing you to fall asleep more easily.  

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