How to Lower Your Interest Rates

Credit cards and loans can be an important asset to our lives-they help us get an education or build trust with banks.

But high interest rates can mean danger.  Not keeping up with your payments can cause mounting debt.

High interest rates don't have to mean that you will be paying off loans forever.  There are ways to lower your interest rates.

Here are the best ways to get your interest rate lowered so you can get out of debt more quickly.

1.  Call your lender.  Yes, it's that simple!  Try negotiating a lower rate by talking to your lender.

2.  Be courteous and polite when you call.  No one likes to talk to people who are rude or demanding.

3.  Transfer your balance.  If negotiating and being nice doesn't work, try transferring your balance to a lower interest card.

4.  Consider a debt management plan.  Reach out to a non-profit credit agency for help with managing your debt repayment.

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