How to Make a Meal Planning Binder 

There are many great benefits to meal planning & eating at home more.  

The main 3 are: 

Saving money

Eating healthier

Enjoying family time

The materials you will need are:

2. Free meal planning printables (or notebook paper) 

1. Binder

3.  Dividers

4.  Clear page protectors (optional)

Use dividers to separate into these sections:

2. Your family's favorite meals lists 

1.  Meal plan (weekly or monthly printable)

3.  Food inventory lists

4.  Dinner theme night cheat sheet

5.  Recipes

Decide how often you will meal plan:

2. Monthly

1.  Weekly

3.  2 week rotating

Decide how often you will grocery shop:

2.  Every other week

1.  Weekly

3.  Once a month

Decide how you will grocery shop:

2.  Online & pickup

1.  In store

3.  Online & delivery

Once you make your binder and decide on these things, stay consistent.

It will get easier!

Tap the link below for more tips and to get your free meal planning printables to make your binder!