How to Organize Your Finances

Learning how to organize your finances is the first step when trying to improve your financial situation.

Financial disorganization can cause you to: 

*Miss bill due dates *Be unaware of increasing debt *Lose documents *Have a lower credit score

When your finances are organized you can:

*Keep up with bills *Know where you stand financially *Make budgeting easier *Achieve your money goals

Here are some simple tips to help you keep your finances organized so you can meet your financial goals. 

1.  Designate a safe place for important documents. 

*Your will & trust *Active insurance policies *Tax papers *Record of paid & closed accounts *Car titles *Bank statements you want to keep

2.  Designate a spot for incoming bills to be paid. 

Separate your bills from other mail right away to prevent them accidently getting lost or tossed in the trash. Or sign up for paperless statements.

3. Create a simple bill pay checklist.

Keep track of household bills and due dates on a simple checklist.  Check off each bill as you pay them and look ahead to see what is coming due soon.

4. Mark on your calendar when you need to pay bills.

Set a reminder to pay your bills.  Choose a day that coordinates with your work pay day.

5. Keep your passwords in a safe place.

Use a password book or use an app on your phone to keep passwords safe, but easily accessible.

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