Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Next Beach Vacation

Vacations can get so expensive.  But they don't have to derail your whole financial plan.

Here are tips to save money while still having fun and making memories on your family vacation.

Set a vacation budget.

Setting a budget will help you plan out your vacation and spend intentionally.

Start a vacation fund.

Keep your vacation money in a separate account and start saving as soon as you can.

Go off season.

Going even a couple of weeks before or after prime beach season will save you cash.

Stay farther from the beach.

Save money on your beach rental by staying a few blocks farther from the beach.

Rent from someone you know.

Renting from a friend or acquaintance will help you avoid fees and surcharges.

Rent with a group of people.

Splitting the cost of the rental with friends or family will help everyone save money.

Rent a place with a kitchen.

Having access to a kitchen allows you to eat at the rental instead of eating out every night.

Bring your own beach gear.

Avoid rental fees by bringing all of your beach gear.

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