How to Save Money:  Ways to Up Your Savings Game

Saving money is not difficult.  

However, many don't bother trying to save money because of the effort involved.

But if you think of saving money as a game, it becomes fun.  

Especially as you watch your bank account grow.

Here are some ways to up your savings game.

How to Save Money on Cars:  

*Do your research *Buy used *Negotiate the price *Pay in cash

How to Save Money on Entertainment:  

*Cut ties with cable *Use your library *Cancel subscriptions *Use Groupon *Entertain at home

How to Save Money on Groceries:  

*Meal plan *Use cashback grocery apps *Shop online *Buy in bulk

How to Save Money on Your Home:  

*Refinance for a lower interest rate *Get rid of PMI *Plan for major purchases *DIY when possible

How to Save Money on Insurance:  

*Shop around *Raise your deductibles *Bundle your policies

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