How to Stop Eating Out So Much to Save Money

Eating out is expensive.  But eating at home takes work.  And who wants to work after they get home from work!

Cooking and eating at home doesn't have to be like work.  Here are 12 tips to help you stop eating out so you can save money and eat healthier.

1.  Make a meal plan Take the thought out of dinner by meal planning.  A little work upfront will reduce dinnertime stress.

2.  Try an inexpensive meal planning service If meal planning isn't your thing there are services to help you with that.  Swipe up for more details.

3.  Use up all your leftovers Using leftovers can make dinnertime quick and easy.  Be creative when re-purposing your leftover food.

4.  Stock up on the basics Having basic ingredients ready in your fridge, pantry, and freezer will help you improvise if you do forget something from the store.

5.  Cook meals ahead of time Have a busy night coming up?  Cook your meal ahead of time and reheat it for a stress-free meal. 

6.  Make freezer meals Cook in batches and freeze in family size portions to have a quick meal you just need to reheat.

Swipe up for more tips to stop eating out so you can save money and eat healthier.  You can also grab a free meal planner with other helpful tips!