Lunch Ideas for Your Husband that Will Save You Money

It's no secret packing your lunch for work can save tons of money.  But what if your man is getting tired of his plain old sandwiches?

It's time to get creative!  That's because taking your lunch to work has so many awesome benefits.

Awesome benefits of packing a lunch are: 

1.  Saving money

2.  Eating healthier

3.  Being more productive

4.  Having time to exercise or stretch

5.  Feeling less side effects from eating too much or too quickly

Here are some lunch ideas for your man:

1.  Swap out the standard bread

Try swapping out the boring bread for something else.

2.  Adult Lunchable (AKA Protein Power Pack)

Different food ideas to include are:

-Hard boiled eggs -Beef Jerky -Cheese cubes -Nuts -Cottage cheese -Hummus/veggies -Tuna -Fruit

3.  Hot Lunch in a Thermos

No microwave? Try a Thermos.  Some food ideas to take to work in a Thermos are:

-Leftover casseroles -Hearty soups -Oatmeal -Scrambled eggs -Pasta with marinara sauce

4.  Chicken, Tuna, or Egg Salad

These types of salads are very versatile with so many ways to enjoy them.

5.  Meat Roll-Ups

Simply take your meat of choice, place a slice of cheese on it, and roll it up. 

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