Meal Planning for Beginners

Meal planning is the process of deciding what you will eat for your meals. It involves choosing your meals intentionally while considering your daily commitments.

The benefits of meal planning include:

*Eating healthier *Saving money *Reducing dinner time stress *Decreasing food waste

How to start meal planning:

*Determine your why *Find a meal planning system *Start slow *Make it routine

Here are the 5 basic steps of meal planning:

Step 1:  Take inventory of what you already have and want to use up.

Step 2:  Plan your meals.

Fill in the meals you already have first.  Then fill in the rest of the days with meals. 

Step 3:  Make your grocery list.

Write down everything you need for your meals and anything else you need for the week. 

Step 4:  Go shopping.

Head to the store, arrange for grocery pickup, or schedule a delivery for your groceries. 

Step 5:  Cook and eat at home.

Plan quick and easy meals for busy weeknights and save the complicated meals for weekends. 

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