Meal Planning on a Budget:  How to Make a Meal Plan That Works

Meal Planning is the key to keeping your food budget under control.

Here are tips to help you succeed with making a cheap meal plan.

Stay organized.

Find a system that works for you.  Either buy a planner or make a meal planning binder.

Cook ahead for busy nights.

Cooking a meal ahead you can reheat on a busy night will help you stick to your meal plan.

Plan one meatless meal a week.

Going meatless is cheaper and will help you reduce your food costs.

Keep watching for steps to create a meal plan on a budget.

1.  Get a meal planning system in place.

2.  Decide how often you will meal plan.

3.  Take inventory of your food.

4.  Write down upcoming appointments and evening activities.

5.  Fill in your meals.

6.  Make your grocery list.

7.  Go shopping.

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