How to Make a Monthly Meal Plan

Making a monthly meal plan isn't complicated.  The hardest part is coming up with meals your family will love.

Here are some tips to get started with monthly meal planning so you can save money and time.

Stock your freezer by shopping sales or buying in bulk to save money on food.

Buy a cheap planner to use or swipe up for a free meal planning template.

Write down upcoming appointments or activities in the planner so you know when you need to plan a quick meal.

Use your food inventory (the food you stocked your freezer with) to begin filling in meals for the month.

Once your main courses are filled in, assign side dishes.  Keep it simple, especially during the busy week.

Make your grocery list and head to the store (or order groceries online for pickup or delivery).

Swipe up for more meal planning tips and your free meal plan template.