Simple Party Food Ideas to Impress Your Guests

Are you planning a party or hosting a party anytime soon?

Throwing a party can be highly stressful, especially when you have to feed a crowd.

If you are wondering what to feed your guests, here are 15 party food ideas to help you get your party planning done.

1.  Shrimp Tostada Bites Small and fun to make, these make an excellent appetizer for a party.

2.  Charcuterie Board These add beauty to a party food table.  Use cured meats, cheeses, veggies, crackers, and nuts.

3.  Cocktail Meatballs You can fry or bake them, or heat precooked meatballs with your choice of sauce in a crockpot.

4.  Deviled Eggs Make these delicious appetizers in advance to serve your guests.

4.  Salad With so many different salads to choose from, you can serve your guests a couple varieties.

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