Passive Income Ideas to Build Wealth on Autopilot

Earning money while you sleep is incredibly appealing.  But what is passive income?

Passive income requires an investment or work completed upfront.  Then, that investment starts working for you with little to no effort going forward.

Ready to add passive income streams?  Here are passive income ideas to help you meet your financial goals.

1.  Create an online course If you have a specific knowledge about a topic, you could create, host, and sell your knowledge.

 2. Start a YouTube channel If you enjoy making video content, you could earn money through display ads.

 3.  Rental property income Rentals are a great way to build passive income.  You can hire a property manager to make your investment hands-off.

4.  Open an online store There are several platforms that make it easy to start an online store.  There are many ways to make extra cash with digital products.

5.  Sell your storage space Peer-to-peer storage sites, like Neighbor, allow you to turn space you aren't using into a monthly cash stream.

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