The Purpose of a Budget and Reasons You Need One

The Purpose of a Budget is to develop a plan for spending your money.

And having a spending plan is so important for your financial wellness.

Budgets are to help you get your monthly money situation organized

So you can easily monitor your spending habits & progress toward your financial goals.

There are so many awesome benefits of having a budget.

Read on to learn about a few!

1. You control your money, not vice versa.

Know exactly where all your money is going every month.

2.  Budgets help you find ways to free up money to pay off debt.

Easily identify where you can cut back on monthly expenses.

3. Budgets will help you to increase your savings.

You will know the amount of money you have left over every month after paying your bills.  

4. A budget will help you determine areas you are overspending on.

Use budgeting percentages as a guideline to know what you should be spending on each budget category.   

5. A budget will help you live a more frugal lifestyle.

Creating a budget encourages you to determine your spending priorities.  Intentional spending is the backbone of frugal living.   

6.  A budget will help you reach your financial goals more quickly.

Meeting short-term and long-term goals comes down to being in control of your money...something a budget will help you with. 

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