Cash Envelopes:  Your Best Solution to Spending Less

Creating and sticking to a budget is no small feat.  And chronic overspending causes credit card debt.

Thankfully, most people tend to overspend on just a few budget categories, which is why cash envelopes can be so effective.

Cash envelopes are a simple tool you can use to control spending in those targeted areas.

The cash envelope system is a budgeting system that only uses cash to pay for specific cost categories.

Using cash is an excellent way to reduce impulse buying and overspending.

Try using cash envelopes to control spending in the following discretionary categories:

*Groceries *Eating Out *Entertainment & Fun Money *Clothing & Accessories *Personal Care *Spending Money

How much money should you put in your cash envelopes?  Place the amount you budgeted for during the month into your cash envelope.

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