Tips for Packing a Lunch for Work to Save Money

There are many good reasons to take your lunch to work every day.

(Besides saving money!)

*Eating healthier *Losing weight *Feeling more energetic *Having time to stay active during lunch break

Other great reasons to take your lunch to work include:

Here are the best tips for taking a lunch to work consistently!

1.  Determine your why. Thinking about the reason you want to take your lunch to work will help you stay motivated.

  2.  Make sure you have all the supplies you need.  A lunch bag, reusable containers, cold packs, etc. will all help taking a lunch easier.

  3.  Plan ahead.  Determine what you will take to eat for lunch prior to the upcoming week so you have food in your home to take with you.

  4.  Keep your lunches simple.  Make packing your lunch a breeze by taking lunches that are easy to prepare ahead.

  5.  Prep your lunchtime meal ahead.  If you will be taking a cooked meal, make your meals and divide them up on a Sunday so they are ready for the week.

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