Travel Planning:  Self Care Tips to Reduce Anxiety

Travel planning can be stressful all the way up until you arrive at your destination.  But it doesn't have to be.

There are a few ways to avoid burnout, reduce anxiety, and navigate self-care while you’re travel planning.

Planning for self-care while you travel provides a mindset shift that enables your mind, body, and soul to feel prioritized.

Here are self-care tips to help you beat travel planning anxiety and stress so you can enjoy your trip.

Set yourself up for success.  Be intentional with what you pack.  Stick with essentials and use a packing list.

Avoid jet lag or time zone changes naturally.  Eat right, get enough exercise, and stick to your routine as much as possible.

Ditch any and all guilt when planning for your trip.  You're traveling for a reason, and you shouldn't feel guilty because someone is "raining on your parade."

When getting around, focus on gratitude.  Gratitude is a feeling of thankfulness, for people, things, or events.  It is the cornerstone for happiness.

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